1.6 Million Student engagments last year

ChatterHigh is a new channel for higher education and career organizations to engage with high schools

Connect with high schools near you or across the nation using our edu-game


Students research your amazing programs using our e-quiz


Your website and social media sites provide the students with answers


Be part of our high school competitions or engage with students year round

We believe in...

Teachers Students Partners

We believe that fun and games build a better community because really, who doesn’t want fun and games? ChatterHigh provides opportunities for teachers to network with each other in fun class-to class ChatterHigh Challenges to determine who has the Most Informed Class. ChatterHigh provides students with learning that is fun and where points, badges and rankings are displayed on their personal dashboard. Schools can compete for cash in regional and national ChatterHigh’s Most Informed School Competitions. ChatterHigh offers our partners a variety of opportunities to participate in challenges and competitions. Fun and games fill our community.

  • Teachers

    We believe teachers have enough to manage and they appreciate free, simple, and engaging learning resources to use in classrooms.

  • Students

    We believe students select careers and higher education programs based on what they know. If it’s not between their nose and their phone it doesn’t exist.

  • Partners

    We believe there is a better way for career and higher education organizations to engage students by rethinking how they use their limited budgets.

Our Team

Starting Line-Up
Lee Taal
Lee Taal
Chief Executive Officer
Now a successful entrepreneur and the founder of ChatterHigh, Lee has managed a locomotive facility, created 6-Sigma projects, and started a Digital-Out-Of-Home company. Lee was a Canadian Naval Officer and if you ask politely he will tell you about the time he dropped a nickel into the deepest place in the ocean!
Glen Hallam
Glen Hallam
Chief Technical Officer
“Software is built by the people who use it.” Glen is excited to be building software with our student, educators, and partners. Though Glen worked at RIM Technologies he refuses to take credit for their successes or failures but still might fix your cell phone if asked politely.
Carl Repp
Carl Repp
Chief Operating Officer
Carl brings over 15 years of senior leadership in software & education to ChatterHigh. He holds a M.Sc., BEd., B.PE and his PMP designation. Despite all of his degrees and experience he also found time to play professional hockey for the LA Kings. And no he won’t play on your rec team even if asked politely.

“We have found ChatterHigh to be the most effective portal for directly engaging with the BC high school community, bar none.”*

(* Includes Google and Facebook) Michael Boronowski, MA Former Manager, Student Recruitment and Client Services, Marketing and Communications, BC Institute of Technology